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• Jari & Kasab is use in different type of Embroidery work like Single & Multi Sequence Computerise Machine.

• Which have in different type Inner Material called its type Jari. Inner have Polyester Yarn called Polyester Jari. Inner have Nylon Yarn called Nylon Jari. Inner have Viscose Yarn its called Viscose Jari. Inner have Black Yarn its called Neam Jari. So many Type Jari are there like Yellow Yarn Jari, Coco Jari, Diamond Jari, Imitation Jari, Max Badla jari which have different Denier like 150D, 100D, 70D, 50D.

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• Polyester Thread are made from Twisted Yarn Raw Materials.

• Which have also different Denier variant like, 100/2D, 120/2D, 150/2D, 300D.

• We are make all type Polyester thread which have 350+ shade range.

• 100/2D are Generally used in Computerised Embroidery Machine for Different Design Purpose.

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